Starchild Entertainment

Children’s Entertainment – Vancouver, BC

Coming to Starbelly Jam with their rainbow Musical Cirque Parade tent, we welcome STARCHILD ENTERTAINMENT! There will be music…there will be magic…there will be storytelling…there will be clowning…there will be parading…there will be a whole lot of percussion! 

Internationally Renowned recording artists Fanny Starchild and Vegari Cendar are a warm and charismatic duo combining music, movement and heart to bring your Festival to a peak of joy and celebration! Take a ride on a melodic rainbow of exotic rhythms and vibrant harmonies .They are bringing joyful songs and magical experiences to children of all ages!
Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Fanny Starchild is a prolific composer who has an exquisite voice with exceptional range. Starchild is also an internationally-recognized clown, a ‘master of fun’ combining her musical and theatrical talents. Whether playing the guitar, keyboards, talking drum or Jethro Tull-style flute, she fills her enchanted audience with serenity and love.

Singer/songwriter Vegari Cendar, originally from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia, is a gifted composer and arranger. He adds a magic touch with his warm smooth vocals, bass guitar, and percussion. Vegari has showcased his joyful energy throughout North America and Europe, especially as bass player for Juno Award winning African artist Alpha YaYa Diallo.

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