Hey, we want to hear from you — if you have a question, a concern, a comment or just want to say “ Hi! ” then please fire away! Please DO NOT send artist submissions to the info email address. You can aim your e-mail at one of the following addresses:

for general inquiries about the event:info@starbellyjam.org
to inquire about being a food vendor:food@starbellyjam.org
or a craft or other non-food vendor:crafts@starbellyjam.org
to inquire about volunteering (we need you!): volunteer@starbellyjam.org
web site comments or issues:webmaster@starbellyjam.org
 for artist submissions:ad@starbellyjam.org

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Musical Artist Submissions 


Send submissions to:  ad@starbellyjam.org

Please include a short bio, your contact information, an EPK if you have one, and a link to live video footage (not a music video) of the act, in it’s current touring format, and what general price range you usually work within (i.e.. $500 – $1000, $1000 – $2000, $2000 – $3000, etc.) Make sure we know:

• country of origin
• where you’re based
• How to contact you
• where you might be touring in July
• genre of music (or simply type: electric, acoustic, or electronic)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we will only be responding to artists that we are seriously interested in for the current year of festival planning


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Box 15 Crawford Bay, BC
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