Soul Fire Dance

Soul Fire dance was founded in 2004 by artistic director, Shauna Robertson. The student performance troupe started in 2009 and has been featured at many events and festivals in the BC Interior. Many of the current student performers have been with Soul Fire Dance since founding the troupe in 2009 and are dedicated to the art of dance. Dance styles range from traditional folkloric women’s dances, to contemporary belly dance fusions. This year’s repertoire highlights Egyptian Baladi (street-style social dance), Flamenco Fusion, Polynesian Fusion and more! Visit for more about the various dances they are emerged in!

In the Sticks

In the Sticks are an Afro Sassy Drum/Dance collective and high energy performance troupe from the Slocan Valley, BC. Influenced by the drum and dance traditions of the culturally rich regions of West Africa, they play Dunduns in a stand up style with sticks. Their full power dance choreographies are focused around the drum.

At the core of their collective, strongly stands a circle of Engaging and Empowered women. They present a dynamic, highly motivated, energetic, and live musical performance each and every time. Bringing forth themes of Connection, Just Relations, Strength, Community, Balance and Pure Joy, through drumming, dance, singing, theatrics, and spoken word.

Some of the collective has been part of the opening ceremony at the Shambhala music festival for the past five years. The experience of bringing live instruments and a choreographed dance/theatrics production to a large scale electronic music festival has been highly inspirational for themselves and their audience. In these modern, highly technological times, it is refreshing to represent to a larger audience our back-to-the-land, roots lifestyle and to set a tone of intention and prayer through music and dance.