11014654_1049226858439622_1345276449864311399_nIndian dub fusion – Nelson/Montreal/Toronto

Dreamtree Project is the Indian dub fusion project of ethno electronic master, adham shaikh and sitar virtuoso, Uwe Neumann, and this summer 2015 will also feature tablas by Gurpreet Singh Chana “The Tabla Guy”. This dynamic trio weaves a magic carpet ride of Classical Indian raga afloat a dub cloud of swirling tabla, mystical flutes, spacey beats, and booming basslines. Beyond notions of East meets West, Dreamtree conjures a fertile space for all who long to be seduced by the ritual power of music and the possibility of enlightened communal engagement!
Also joining Dreamtree at Starbelly Jam will be the East Shore’s own, Ben Johnson on drums and percussion and a couple more local favourites are rumoured to be making appearances…stay tuned…

This summer’s Dreamtree Project features:
Adham Shaikh – electronics
Uwe Neumann – sitar, sanza, doupkee
Gupreet Chana – tablas & electronics
Ben Johnson – drums & percussion
…who else will join the Dreamtree Project at Starbelly Jam? Stay tuned…

https://www.facebook.com/Dreamtree live


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