Food Vendors 2020

Welcome to the Starbelly Jam Food Vendor

Application for 2020!

Basic Information for your consideration

  • Completed applications (including full payment) are due by March 20th, 2020. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • $665 Food Vendor fee (includes taxes) + $330 mandatory Damage Deposit.
  • This price includes up to four staff weekend passes and one 15 amp circuit.
  • Additional staff passes (4 maximum) are available for $100 each.
  • Additional 15 amp circuits are available for $55 each.
  • All fees are paid via Stripe
  • Booth sizes are 15’ (frontage) X 20’ (depth) or 20’ (frontage) X 15’ (depth). These area needs to include ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT, meaning trailer hitches, storage, coolers/freezers, serving areas, etc.
  • Vendors can purchase additional footage in their application at a cost of $22 a foot. Vendors found repeatedly outside their purchased footprint during the festival will pay an additional surcharge of $40 per foot used.
  • As Food Vending Area is limited, square footage paid for - beyond the basic booth footprint - may have festial water, electrical and/or grey-water lines running through it.
  • All Applicants will be notified via email by March 31th, 2020 as to the status of their application. If the application is not successful, all funds will be refunded via Stripe by April 14th, 2020.
  • Only Food items submitted on application are permitted to be sold at the festival without the specific written permission from Food Vendor Manager.
  • Starbelly Jam reserves the right to remove any items not approved in application.
  • All vendors and employees must be wearing a festival vendor wristband.
  • All accepted food vendors will be requested to donate 4 meals to the festival, to support volunteering managers.
  • To help the festival towards a Zero Waste mandate Food Vendors are no longer allowed to sell water in bottles less than 1 Litre in size.
  • Each food vendor is provided with a single cold potable water connection.
  • Each food vendor receives one parking spot in the vendor parking area
  • Vendors are required in this application to declare the electrical load – in Amps - of all equipment being brought on to the festival site.
  • Damage Deposits will be refunded on or before August 7th, 2020.
    • Any and all vendor actions resulting in loss of damage deposit will be notified and documented via email by a Starbelly Jam representative. Examples of forfeiture of damage deposit include but are not limited to altering, damaging Crawford Bay Park property or infrastructure. Leaving litter and waste on Crawford Bay Park property. Disrespectful or abusive behaviour towards festival goers or Starbelly Jam staff and volunteers. Non compliance with any of Starbelly Jam’s requirements and policies.
  • Should an accepted vendor decide not to vend at the festival, note the following refund schedule:
    • March 31th – April 14th Full Refund
    • April 15th – July 5th Damage Deposit only refunded
    • July 6th – July 17 No Refund
  • Each accepted Food Vendor will have to provide the following documentation by June 1st 2020:
    • *A SPECIAL EVENT FOOD SERVICES PERMIT obtained for your booth or Food Truck from the Regional Health Authority
    • *A Valid BC FoodSafe certificate for at least 1 staff person per shift
    • *A $2 million public liability vendor insurance policy

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank You for applying!