1545707_10152154321066796_2112672732_nTablas & electronics – Toronto, ONT

Gurpreet Chana, known internationally as “The Tabla Guy,” presents TABLIX : A groundbreaking integration of tabla and technology. The product of four years of meticulous research and development, TABLIX explores technology’s impact on the untapped melodic potential of the tabla. Firmly rooted in the deep histories of the instrument and of Indian classical music, TABLIX blends the ergonomics and sounds of a time-honoured tabla tradition with the infinite possibilities of the digital to create a new mode of artistic expression.

With TABLIX, Gurpreet Chana harnesses custom software to create nuanced soundscapes, drawing from the tabla’s percussive core to sculpt the melodies that drive his electronic compositions. Live, TABLIX is a captivating immersive experience, underscored with spectacular responsive visuals. A dynamic fusion of tabla with a bold array of musical styles, TABLIX is an experience which must be seen to be truly appreciated.

The TABLIX interface is simultaneously a powerful new tool for artistic collaboration. Chana’s story is punctuated throughout with collaborative projects that span classical, electronic, pop, jazz and more. Now, the tabla has evolved to become both rhythmic accompanist and melodic co-conspirator.

The project is philosophically grounded in an egalitarian view of the creative process. Gurpreet Chana’s early experiences as a second generation South Asian immigrant in Canada were musically lush, characterised by interactions with every type of musician. Preempting concepts like “fusion” and “world music,” this environment instilled an openness that echoes clearly throughout his frank exploration of technology with TABLIX.

TABLIX is an invitation to experience and communicate with contemporary music culture through the eyes of one of the world’s most sought-after tabla players.


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