harppixie trioHarp/Udu/Cello fusion – The Kootenays, BC

Harp Pixie Trio is an uncategorical acoustic fusion of Cello (Jeff Faragher), Udu (Ben Johnson), and Harp / Vocals / Spoken Word (Dawna McLennan). Jeff Faragher’s masterful contemporary Cello voice soars all over the aural map, between plaintive cries, whale songs, and pulsing grooves. Ben Johnson brings an unexpected flavour of world percussion into the mix, playing intricate rhythms on a spectacular clay drum called the Udu. Dawna (Harp- Pixie) McLennan’s ecstatic love songs form the basis of the new trio’s material, which she articulates in a clear, open and classical vocal style, while keeping any number of her thirtysix Harp strings ringing and singing. It’s possible HarpPixie is the only trio on the entire planet combining Udu and Cello with Harp, Vocals, and Spoken Word. Every moment is unprecedented!

HarpPixie: http://www.harppixie.com/

Ben Johnson: http://www.xopianoi.com/

Jeff Faragher: http://www.jefffaragher.com/

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