starbelly pic3Blues/Funk/Reggae – East Shore Kootenay Lake, BC

High As Mountains is a recently full time project for longtime friends and cohorts Robby Roots, Howlin’ Dan and Todd Lester, who hail from the Kootenay Mountains of BC. Each brings a different background to the band (Todd = rock, Robby = reggae, Dan = funk & blues) which they weave together to make a style of music that is blues and funk based going off in almost any direction.

They play mostly original music with lyrics that reflects the area they live and love in – the Kootz! So yes they can rock out to a song about meditation(Tao of Now), or lay out a groove based on lyrics about being your best self (Funky Joe).

Besides the original music, their performance highlights big energy, and the connection with the audience and each other. HAM identifies strongly with bands like the Allman Brother who have always wanted to present music in a fresh and different way each time, using songs to express their feelings in a musical fashion. The band sums it up with their motto: Open our heart, blow your mind!

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