Kids Activities

Family Dance Party- Kiki the Eco Elf

 Saturday 3-3:45 pm in the Workshop Tent

With a bubbly warm heart, and a larger than life stage presence, Kiki the Eco Elf delivers a giggly, wiggly good time, engaging all ages with humour, and conscientious messages about sustainability and the beauty of the natural world.  Get ready to clap, stomp, flap your arms, sing, and dance!

Monica Lee- Silly Songs & More!

Monica Lee with Paul Pigat (Cousin Harley) Saturday 5:45-6:30 pm in the Workshop Tent

Silly songs about cats, marshmallows, underwear, potties, makin’ lemonade, dance parties and witnessing the moonrise, and the acceptable # of kisses needed before bed.

Come Sing and Dance Sunday 2:30-3:15 pm in the Workshop Tent

Join Teacher Monica as she plays her instruments alongside a host of puppets, while we learn about summer music from around the world. Be ready to sing and dance, and help Monica figure out what is the most important thing to bring with you to the beach! 

Storytime in the Haida Salmon- Kiki the Eco Elf

 Saturday 1-1:30 pm, 5-5:30 pm- with a photo op to follow; Sunday photo op 4:15- 5:15, story 6:15- 7 pm

Step inside the belly of a Salmon made by internationally renowned sculpture artist Evelyn Roth. Enjoy multicultural stories, songs, and learn about the life cycle of the Salmon.  Her colours make for exceptional photos and selfies, so be sure to swing by for a photo op at the specified times!  

Yoga with Melina Cinq-Mars

Saturday 1:45- 2:15 pm in the Cedars


Let’s pretend that we are going to the beach! Suitable for kids from 5-9 years old, Melina guides children through a yoga adventure using storytelling and imagination. 


Sunday 1:15- 2 pm in the Cedars

Minecraft Video Game inspired Yoga! Suitable for kids from 7-12 years old, your child will explore the world of Minecraft through yoga poses and movements, discovering new ways to build strength, balance, flexibility and gratitude.


El Magico-Angus MacDonald

Saturday 4:30- 5 pm, Sunday 4:15-4:45 pm by the Moonbelly Stage

Angus is an old style classical magician. Watch his hands closely while things appear, disappear, reappear, and in the end, completely vanish. 

Family Music Time- Ellie Reynolds

 Saturday 4-4:30 pm, Sunday 12:30-1 pm, 5:30-6 pm in the Milky Way Tent

Join this session with your young children (6 and under) and prepare to shake, roll, dance, sing, and jam!

Kootenay Kayla’s Craft Corner

Saturday 1-4 pm, Sunday 12-3:30 pm in the Pavillion

The Starbelly Craft area is a place where the imagination bursts! Flower crowns, wands, masks,  and noise makers are created to participate in the Starbelly Parade!

The Teen Teepee (Ages 10+)

This is a space for youth to gather to meet each other, play games, make a few crafts, try the scavenger hunt, and have a supervised space to hang out in the festival. We look forward to seeing the young ones there!

Mike Dada "TheBalloonDog"

Mike Dada has been performing at festivals around the world for almost a quarter-century. From Dublin to Dubai, his absurd wit and charismatic clowning has captured the hearts of both the young, and the young at heart. Come check out his unique creations and hilarious brand of “Pop” comedy. Mike is proud to use only pure natural latex balloons which are fully biodegradable.