Welcome to our new Starbelly Jam Society members!  

We request that all directors, managers, and volunteers working for our festival be members of the Society.  The cost of a membership is a minimal $5.  For the price of a caffè latte you will be helping our Society take advantage of some of the bigger grant opportunities available to us. 

Many granting agencies look favourably on solid membership lists as records of support for the activities of the organizations that they’re funding.  At the moment, we only have 20 paid-up Starbelly Jam Society members—not enough to make much of an impression!  By extending membership to all of you who are or will be working for Starbelly this year, that number will jump into the hundreds.  

Because our Society also became a registered charity last year, increased membership numbers will help us apply for financial support through new sources that were unavailable to us in the past.  We thank you for your support, and remind Starbelly Jam Society members that their membership also entitles them to discounts on selected items at our festival merchandise booth.

Please fill in the form bellow to renew your membership or to become a new member.


Credit Card Payment

Payment by cheque

To pay by check please send us your name and address as well as your email and a cheque to Starbelly Jam Society of 5$. Starbelly Jam Society Box 15 Crawford Bay, BC V0B 1E0