slava-shrinkOld World Folk/Urban Contemporary dance troupe – Nelson, BC

Slava Doval’s DanceFusion is a colorful burst of dynamic and inspired energy, athletic grace, excellent music, and dancing theatrics that will entertain an audience of all ages. The kinetic energy of this group is infectious and usually ends in a giant dance party that overtakes the spectators.

Slava has an adventuroues dance blend all her own that incorporates Old World Folk with an Urban Contemporary flavor. The dancers are thrilled to share their passion for dance and its connection to music with Starbelly Jam again this year, and aim to connect to the audience through their art with a raw and sweet choreography. The troupe includes many local youth and promotes confidence, health, and community building.

“Developed Locally, Inspired Globally”

1st set: 4:45 – 5:00 pm (Saturday) – “Old World Revived” – Traditionally inspired and revived, this set will take you thru old school Balkan tunes with remixed dance moves and beats, a Slovak wedding dance, and lyrical Contemporary to round it out. Delicate, emotive, joyous, sweet and sassy!

 2nd set:  6:45 – 7:00 pm (Saturday) – “Adventurous New World” – Adventurous Dance for a Brave New World, come enjoy dancers age 12 and up perform a Slavaganza fusion of Dancehall, Urban Street Jazz, Contemporary and partnering. Somewhat thrashy, glitchy, ninja like and gracefully athletic, be prepared to join the dance party!

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