It takes a lot of people to put on a festival the size and complexity of Starbelly Jam. Some have been working on it for weeks, some for months or all year, and many, many help out for a few hours before, during and after the event. We’d like to give special acknowledgment to the key people who have been so vital to the success of Starbelly.


Kevin McBride- Chair
Matt Winger – Secretary
Bendon DeMeyer – Treasurer
Joanne Stobbe
Jai English


Operations Manager – Shanel Samadhi

Site Director – Robert Boker

Financial Manager – Cam Stokes

Artistic Directors – Amanda Hulland & Steven Gevenich

Children’s Activities & Coordinators – Ellie Reynolds & Amanda Hulland

Workshop Coordinators – Amanda Hulland & Steven Gevenich

Workshop Sound Technicians – Ben Johnson

Media Manager – Steven Gevenich

Sponsorship Coordinator – Taryn Stokes

Grant Writer – Bridget Klueppel

Artist Transportation – Glenn Tilley, Michelle Moss

Hospitality/ Accommodations Coordinator – Galadriel Rael & Amanda Hulland

Technical Coordinator – Kenji Fukushima

Starbelly Stage Manager –   Nelson from Nelson

Moonbelly Stage Manager – Lea Belcourt & Matt Sych

Festival MCs – Dan Silakiewicz, Kevin Johns, Leah Wilson, Randy Morse, Reghan Otternson

Artist Host Team Leads– Chris Hamilton, Christina de Pape, Teeka Ferguson

Photography Manager – Steven Gevenich

Poster & Print Design  – Kendel Vreeling

Web Design – Lexi Czar, Ben Johnson, Gef Tremblay & Amanda Hulland

Social Media – Nicole Schreiber, Steven Gevenich & Amanda Hulland

Decorations Coordinator – Heidi McBride

Properties Manager– David Kayle

Chief Carpenter– Steven Sayer

Chief Electrician – Brandon Turlock

Water Management – Don Horvath

Recycling/Compost – Jonas Plaumann

Fencing Coordinator– Shjown Darwell

Services Director – Joanne Stobbe

Food & Craft Vendor Coordinator – Jai English

On-Site Vendor Coordinator – Klaus Plaumann

Merchandise Booth Coordinator – Carol Blackwell

Gate/Ticket Sales Coordinator – Shelby Sanford

Children’s Craft Pavillion – Kayla Vandemark

Milky Way Tent – Ellie Reynolds

The Teen Tipi (teen chill space & activities) – Mary Jayne Blackmore

Parking Coordinator – Norm Eisler & Rachel Castor

Security Director – Matt Winger

Hosting Manager – Matt Winger

Backstage Security – Farley Cursons

Site Overnight Guard – Simpatico Dave

First Aid Medical Coordinator – Jason Deatherage

Professional Security – “Good Times Security”

Volunteer Coordinator – Sandra Stokes

Volunteer Intake Coordinator – Nicole Plouffe

Customer Service/ Lost and Found – Gina Stewart

Campground Manager– David Ahl

Campground Water & Bridge Construction– Russ Anderson, Vern Miller

Campground Security – “Good Times Security”