Starbelly Jam July 21-23, 2017

Starbelly Jam is a special festival; great entertainment, great food, great people, lots of happy kids and room to play — we’ve deliberately steered the festival away from getting too big or becoming too crowded; this festival’s success is all about the celebration of life though music, friendship and having a fun time for all in a safe and secure environment. Not too big and not too small, this is a “just right” festival Goldilocks couldn’t help but love.

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2017 Line up

Deep Forest

World beat – France 

Deep Forest’s story began in the North of France in the early 90s when Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez first met, two musicians fascinated by ethnic music which they mixed with their own sounds. Deep Forest was born. Their albums have sold over 10 million copies. 

Their first self-titled Grammy nominated album was released in 1992, with “Sweet Lullaby” being the smash single, which would put Deep Forest on the world stage. Deep Forest creates a new kind of world music, sometimes called ethnic electronica. Their sound has been described as “ethno-introspective ambient world music”. In 1994 Deep Forest were nominated for a Grammy Award in the category for Best World Music Album, and in 1995 they won the prestigious Award for the album Boheme (first French band to win a Grammy Award).

The band also became World Music Awards Winner for accomplishing the highest world sales as a French group. From 1996 to 2002 Deep Forest released 4 albums on Sony Music. For Starbelly this year, their line up will be Eric Mouquet (keyboards) + 2 other live musicians 

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The Boom Booms

Alt-Soul – Vancouver

The Boom Booms are an Alt-Soul band from Vancouver, BC. The group consists of Aaron Ross (lead singer), Sean Ross (keys), Geordie Hart (bass), Tom Van Deursen (guitar), Theo Vincent (drums).The Boom Booms live show is highly energetic, honest and original, resulting in them headlining the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival and earning slots at the province’s top music festivals like Squamish Valley Music Festival and Pemberton Music Festival. They spent three months in Brazil, shooting and funding their socially charged documentary, “Boom Boom Brazil”. They were awarded $75,000 in BC’s prestigious Peak Performance Project and The Georgia Straight readers voted them Best Unsigned Band in Vancouver four years in a row.

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Progressive Roots – Australia

Embracing the future without losing sight of the past, OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country to create their signature feel good Australian earth sound, an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music. A mashup of dance & downtempo electro beats marinated in the mystic spiritual traditions of the Dreamtime

“Try to imagine Bob Marley meets Stevie Wonder via the chemical brothers, on acid, playing in a steaming rainforest with a didgeridoo and you are getting close”

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Slocan Ramblers

Bluegrass – BC, Canada

The Slocan Ramblers are Canada’s young bluegrass band to watch. Rooted in the tradition, fearlessly creative, and possessing a bold, dynamic sound, The Slocans (2015 Edmonton Folk Fest Emerging Artist Award recipients), have quickly become a leading light of Canada’s roots music scene, built on their reputation for energetic live shows, impeccable musicianship and their uncanny ability to convert anyone within earshot into a lifelong fan.

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Five Alarm Funk

Funk – Vancouver 

The Vancouver-based band is eight men strong and over a decade deep into a career that has seen it release five acclaimed albums and burn up stages across the country on six national tours. And this vehicle isn’t about to slow down. In fact, Five Alarm Funk is just picking up steam. Set to release their 6th studio album, Sweat, on March 3, 2017, Sweat gets right to the roots of what Five Alarm Funk is all about: epic, intense arrangements, heavy groove and a ton of fun. 


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Reggae/Latin – Mexico

Antidoping is a Mexican reggae pioneer band that was born in the summer of 1992, founded by the brothers Manuel and Pedro Apodaca, originally from Coyoac’n, Mexico City. Antidoping is considered a band of cult and as one of the most important of Latin America in the genre reggae. Antidoping music combines elements, roots and forms of the city’s cultural mosaic with the rhythm and flavor of the Rastafarian movement to create an alternative within the expressions of the country’s musical milieu. Antidoping offers listeners the possibility of sensitizing themselves in body, mind and soul through a fresh and committed reggae, shaped by their experiences within a range of concepts that affirm their convictions towards respect, fun, peace and The reunion with nature and humanity. Antidoping is one of the founding bands of the Razteca movement that originated the idea of creating a hybrid between Jamaica’s Rastafari culture and Mexican culture. It is a group that has maintained its seal of love, peace and brotherhood for more than 23 years despite the political and social conditions that surround them. Antidoping is the reggae band in Mexico.

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Ellika Solo Rafael

Folk/Fusion – Sweden/Senegal/Mexico

This is music from our lives and experiences as musicians in Sweden,Senegal and Mexico and from our happy meeting. It is ensemble-music in a colourful mix that also highlights the strong musical individuality of each musician. A lyrical, groovy and unique music for dancing, listening to or both. 

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Ellen McIlwaine

Slide acoustic/Blues – Calgary

Born in Nashville, living in Japan from the age of two as part of an International Community, this slide guitar legend grew up listening to a combination of New Orleans R & B, European Classical, Grand Ole Opry, Japanese Shamisen, Indian Citar, and much more of what is now called “World Music”. 

Her high energy Rhythm & Blues, along with Middle Eastern laments, Indian, Pakistani & West African influences and a capella Gospel numbers all drive her amazing Slide Guitar and Vocal Acrobatics to make for a dynamic show. Anecdotes & stories from her forty-some years in the business add warmth and humour to her unforgettable performances. 

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High Waters

Indie rock – Ottawa 

High Waters are a Canadian indie quartet comprised of Derek Connely (lyrics/vocals/guitars/synths), Martin Villeneuve (guitars/vocals/effects/synths), Troy Huizinga (bass/vocals/percussion), and Matt Speedy (drums/percussion). 

Established in 2009, and currently based in Ottawa, ON, they record and perform a unique brand of panoramic rock. Using crisp, soaring vocals, expressive lead guitar, lush harmonies and synths, playful bass, and a driving percussive force, their intricate arrangements, laced with ethereal sounds, grow until they reach a swelling climax, creating a surge of rock, soul, and electronic music that commands attention. Their album entitled ‘Goodnight Mara’ was released September 19, 2015.

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The Eisenhauers

Folk – Kaslo 

It has been said that all Canadian writing inevitably reflects the almost impenetrable vastness of the land and the great distances that separate us. If “The Road We Once Knew” by the Eisenhauers, the husband and wife duo of Jeremy Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett Eisenhauer, is any indication, you’d be hard pressed not to come to the same conclusion about Canadian music. Simple, spare and heartbreaking in its directness, the concepts of distance, time and the wavering arcs of separation and reunion have rarely been as compellingly explored as they are in this powerful debut album. 

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The Arcane Garden

Exotic Electronic – Gray Creek 

The Arcane Garden is a marriage of fiery sensuality and airy logic. Their original songs dig deep into ambience, twist with roots of electronica, are seeded with middle eastern scatterings, and blossom with ethereal vocals by Michella Moss. Layers of juicy loops are planted by Will Chapman, who has also orchestrated and mastered the 4 CDs thus far produced. The duo often include guests in their recording and live performances, to accompany Will on fretless bass, including this year Ben Johnson on Persian Santoor, oud and tabla, and Marty Carter on sax, djembe and flute. The Arcane Garden is Kootenay grown and ripe to feast your ears. 

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Electronica/Violin – USA

Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden’s pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born.

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Alpine Conspiracy

Funk/Rock/Disco – Nelson

A groove-focused / progressive funk rock disco band, deeply rooted in conspiracy, and located in Nelson, British Columbia. From its mysterious beginnings in 2013, this power group of talented veterans has crafted a catchy, high-energy original sound, a cornucopia and fusion of individual eclectic influences, experiences, countless years of wood-shedding and individually playing on stages from the Olympics to shores of New Zealand.

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Cam Penner

Blues/Folk/Rock – Blewett

Cam Penner doesn’t so much sing songs as summon them up like a medium calling up spirits. His gentle growl can become a Delta howl, as if he is the conduit, a mere medium articulating the blues of a whole continent, emanating from a bottomless well of shared everyman experience. His remarkably sympathetic foil and musical cohort, electric guitar and lap steel sound sculptor Jon Wood, conjures up sound and colour, building spaces where ghosts dwell and shadows beckon. The distinctive flow, the masterful musical bonding and the overall atmosphere they create is both endearing and humbling. They make you want to listen closely to every word and each hand-crafted note. Their unrivaled attention-demanding presence marks this duo apart from other acts.

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ViolinistExtremist – Victoria

If a line exists between classical and electronic, between ancient and new, synthetic and organic, Kytami has sliced them all using only a violin bow… but what more does she need? Apparently nothing at all, as Kytami has already been dubbed a ‘music revolutionary’ by Whats Up Magazine USA, a ‘violinistextremist’ here at home, and has been summoned to bring her violin thunder to audiences as far reaching as Taiwan, Dubai and Berlin.

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