2024 Camping ~ Opens Friday, July 5th – Closes Monday, July 8th

Our 2024 Campground Guide is available here

If you require a longer stay please see our Visitor Info page for other camping options.

*Campers must have a festival wristband to be in the campground.

* Campers without a festival wristband will be asked to leave.

Online Advance Prices

Weekend Passes:

  • Adult Weekend Pass (1 person): $80
  • Family Weekend Pass (2 adults/ 2 children): $120
  • ADD oversize unit (RV/ Trailer/ Bus): $50
  • ADD child to family or adult pass: $25
  • ADD adult to family pass only: $50

One Night Passes (on sale once single day festival tickets are available):

  • Adult One Night Pass (1 person): $30
  • Family One Night Pass (2 adults/ 2 children): $45
  • ADD oversize unit (RV/ Trailer/ Bus): $20
  • ADD child to family or adult pass: $10
  • ADD adult to family pass only: $20

Camping prices will increase at the gate, so we recommend purchasing in advance.

Minors (17 years & younger) must be accompanied by an adult. Limit of four (4) minors per adult.

Camping opens at 9 am Friday, July 5th. Camping closes at 2 pm Monday, July 8th.

Camping is a great part of the Starbelly Jam experience!

Camping with your Starbelly Music Festival community is a wonderful, freeing, expressive experience that often feels like an escape from reality, but it’s important to keep your wits about you. Be good to yourself and to each other. Continue the Starbelly Jam legacy of being respectful, caring, kind and gentle with your camping community.

Camp near your friends, mark your property and your tent and take your valuables with you when leaving. If you’re not camped near your friends, make friends with your neighbors!


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Event Staff and Professional Security patrol the campgrounds and are there to facilitate a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. It is not their mission to police your lifestyle or inhibit self-expression. Please assist them by following their instructions when asked to do so. If you have any safety or security concerns go to either campground entrance where you will find the Festival Campground Managers and/or Professional Security.In the event of an emergency, call 911 first.

Camping Options

Starbelly Jam Music Festival operates a simple campground next to our festival site – We offer a General Camping area and a Family Zone.Please remember there are hundreds of campers through the weekend and we cannot guarantee total quiet even in the Family Zone. Consider bringing earplugs. An inexpensive solution to help get a full night’s rest.There are a number of other campgrounds nearby that have limited spac eso be sure to make reservations early. Check out the Kootenay Lake Chamber of Commerce website for a full list of local campgrounds.


Minors (17 years and younger) must be accompanied by an adult, to a limit of four minors per adult. If you are a guardian of an underage camper, you need to be with them in order for them to receive their campground wristband. And remember: You’re responsible for them for the duration of the Festival.

Un-Serviced Sites

The Family Zone and General Festival Area have porta-potties, recycling & waste centers. There is no potable water in the campground. Potable water is available at the festival site but you may want to consider bringing extra. No fires are permitted anywhere in the campground.


RVs are only permitted in the General Festival Campground.

No Reservations

Campsites cannot be reserved. If you want to camp with a group of friends,you need to arrive together to ensure you get a spot together.

Festival Sustainability

Starbelly Jam is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our event. This includes food vendors using bio-degradable plates, bowls,cups, and cutlery. The event hosts comprehensive waste stations where compost, recycling, returnable beverage containers, and ‘real’ garbage are separated. Please help us reduce our waste by using only biodegradable materials for your food and snacks. If you bring snack-wrappers or containers that will go to the garbage, consider taking it home with you.

Take Care of Yourself & Your Friends and Be a Good Neighbour!

  • Drink alcohol in moderation and only in your campsite
  • You can’t drink enough water! By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Remember to bring water.
  • Eat well. Enjoy well-balanced meals throughout the day.
  • Camp only within permitted areas.
  • Wear shoes.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. If you’re not familiar with Kootenay Lake weather, it can be hot and sunny one moment and cold and rainy the next!

What To Bring

  • Tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag
  • Tarp and rain gear
  • Cooking gear (pots, pans, camp stove)
  • Food and a cooler
  • Black garbage bags and clear recycling bags
  • Blanket or a low chair
  • Water bottle and jugs (There are no potable water taps in the campground, only at the festival site)
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • A hat for sun protection
  • Warm clothing for the cool nights
  • Comfortable shoes

Campground No-Nos

  • Fireworks, fire sticks or fire batons
  • Glass (this includes beer and liquor bottles)
  • No open consumption of alcohol on campground paths or roadways (only in the campsite)
  • Extinguishing cigarettes on the ground. (Put your butts out in a container with a bit of water in it)
  • Pets (service animals permitted with documentation)
  • Loud or Amplified music
  • Drum kits
  • Unauthorized distribution of printed materials
  • Commercial vending
  • Illegal drugs
  • Generators

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