Artist Lineup 2024 – Starbelly Jam

Chali 2Na

Chali 2Na & The House of Vibe Los Angeles, CA Friday – July 5th | 10:30PM to 11:45PM | Starbelly Stage With his unmistakable baritone voice and 6-and-a-half-foot charm, Chal [...]

True Loves

True Loves Seattle, WA Saturday – July 6th | 9:30PM to 10:45PM | Starbelly Stage Listening to the abundant sounds of the Seattle-based funk and soul group, True Loves, is like [...]

Mark Farina

Mark Farina Chicago, IL Saturday – July 6th | 11:00PM to 1:00AM | Starbelly Stage Mark Farina is a name that rings out across the entire global dance music industry. His non-st [...]


Antidoping Coyoacan, Mexico City Sunday – July 7th | 8:30PM to 10:00PM | Starbelly Stage Antidoping, a Mexican reggae pioneer founded in 1992 by brothers Manuel and Pedro Apoda [...]


Lion-S Nelson/Vancouver, BC Friday – July 5th | 11:45PM to 1:00AM | Moonbelly Stage Lion-S, a.k.a. Sara Spicer, is a prominent figure in the West Coast Underground and Electron [...]

Brass Camel

Brass Camel Vancouver, BC Friday – July 5th | 7:00PM to 8:00PM | Moonbelly Stage Recently having released their debut album, mixed by multiple Juno-winner Ben Kaplan, Brass Cam [...]

Apollo Suns

Apollo Suns Winnipeg, MB Friday – July 5th | 9:15PM to 10:30PM | Moonbelly Stage Founded by Ed Durocher, Apollo Suns is a 7-piece instrumental collective from Winnipeg, Manitoba [...]

Joe Abbott

Joe Abbott Vancouver, BC Sunday – July 7th | 1:00PM to2:00PM | Starbelly Stage Through years of performing from coast to coast by way of planes, trains, and automobiles, Joe Abb [...]


Horsebreaker Calgary, AB Sunday – July 7th | 4:45PM to 6:00PM | Moonbelly Stage Calgary’s Horsebreaker draws influence from spaghetti western themes, reverb-drenched 60s surf, c [...]

Steve Brockley

Steve Brockley Nelson, BC Saturday – July 6th | 2:00PM to 3:00PM | Moonbelly Stage A songwriter who can really pick guitar – a guitar picker that can really write a song. Since [...]

Dana Wylie

Dana Wylie Saskatchewan Saturday – July 6th | 1:00PM to 2:00PM | Starbelly Stage Dana Wylie is a singer-songwriter whose work is rootsy and spacious, thought-provoking and soul [...]

Raygun Cowboys

Raygun Cowboys Edmonton, AB Friday – July 5th | 8:00PM to 9:15PM | Starbelly Stage Raygun Cowboys are a brass-heavy, punk rockabilly band hailing from the very best dive bars a [...]

Penny Shades

Penny Shades Nelson, BC Sunday – July 7th | 2:00PM to 3:00PM | Moonbelly Stage Penny Shades is a four-piece alt-soul group from Nelson, BC that makes music featuring three-part [...]


MonkeyDragon Planet Earth Sunday – July 7th | 7:15PM to 8:30PM | Moonbelly Stage The Dynamic collaboration of Adham Shaikh and Buckman Coe is a live-electronic horn-fuelled spa [...]


Ventanas Toronto, ON Saturday – July 6th | 7:00PM to 8:15PM | Starbelly Stage Ventanas is a six-piece Toronto-based world music ensemble fronted by powerhouse vocalist and danc [...]

Montuno West

Montuno West Edmonton, AB Sunday – July 7th | 6:00PM to 7:15PM | Starbelly Stage Montuno West boasts an exciting and infectious sound strongly influenced by jazz, Cuban and o [...]

Night Howl

Night Howl Edmonton, AB Saturday – July 6th | 5:00PM to 6:00PM | Starbelly Stage Night Howl is a six-piece festival dance band from Edmonton, Alberta, with a Latin and swing fla [...]


Garuda Nelson, BC Saturday – July 6th | 4:00PM to 5:00PM | Moonbelly Stage For over a decade, Garuda has been creating their exciting and propulsive fusion of the complex beaut [...]

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