It takes a lot of people to put on a festival the size and complexity of Starbelly Jam. Some have been working on it for weeks, some for months or all year, and many, many help out for a few hours before, during and after the event. We’d like to give special acknowledgement to the key people who have been so vital to the success of Starbelly.




Galadriel Rael – Chair
Gerald Panio – Secretary
Paul Hindson – Treasurer
Brigitte Klueppel – Board Member
Russ Anderson – Board Member
Kaylah Lewis – Board Member


Administrator Nicole Plouffe
Financial Manager Chris Hamilton
Bookkeeper Kalibri Wood
Artistic Director Will Chapman
Assistant Artistic Director Farley Cursons
Music Hub (Sub Committee)Ben Johnson Gerald Panio Bohdan Doval Virginia Holman Ryan Davis Kayhla Lewis Amanda Hulland Miroslav Doval
Children’s Activities & Workshops Coordinator Nicole Plouffe/Amanda Hulland
Hospitality/ Accommodations Coordinator Galadriel Rael
Transportation Coordinator TBA
Technical Coordinator Kenji Fukushima
Stage Manager – Starbelly Fred Schutter Sage Cohen (Mentor)
Stage Manager – Moonbelly Bree Rael Nelson from Nelson (Mentor)
Festival MC’s Dan Silakiewicz Leah Wilson
Artist Host Russell Agar Adam Cannon Mikey Needham(Mentor)
Photography Manager Allan Hughes
Print/Web Design Coordinator Geoffroy Tremblay Ben Johnson
Print Advertising Coordinator Nicole Plouffe
Press Coverage Coordinator Cristina Borgogelli (east kootenays)
Distribution Coordinator James Gates
Event Signage Painter plus
Coordinator Ali George – TBA (Services Director)
Ad Sales/Social Media Camara Cassin
Site Director Howard Sempf Alex Dimant
Decorations Coordinator Brigitte Picard
Chief Carpenter Ted Wallace Chief
Electrician Brandon Turlock
Stage Construction Coordinator Ted Wallace Russ Anderson
Waste/Water Management Robert Boker
Recycling/Compost Jonas Plaumann Todd Veri-mentor
Services Director Trevor Sword Farley Cursons to mentor
Food Vendor Coordinator Lee Reidel
Craft Vendor Coordinator Jen Comer
Merchandise Booth Coordinator Carol Blackwell Kaylah Lewis
Gate/Ticket Sales Coordinator Beth MacLellan Jesse Willicome (mentor)
Childrens’ Craft Pavillion Danielle Rogers Mary Jayne Blackmore
Milky Way- EASY Ellie Reynolds
Parking Coordinator Cory Medhurst Andrew Stewart
Security Director Matt Winger
Hosting Manager Matt Winger
Backstage Security Dustin Hill
Site Overnight Guard TBA
First Aid Medical Coordinator Jason Deatherage
Professional Security TBA
Volunteer Coordinator Tabitha Gamble
Volunteer Assistant Coordinator Sue Skidmore
Customer Service/ Lost and Found Gina Stewart
Campground TBA