Starbelly Jam continues to aspire to having the festival Crafts Vendor area filled with participants who have a personal and ethical relationship to the products and services they are providing.

Many of Starbelly Jam’s patrons desire a multifaceted experience which can include purchasing a one of a kind object, receiving relaxation oriented body work and discovering a new product that supports their lifestyle and values. We are looking for unique and diverse vendors and strongly encourage an aspect of health and wellness (personal and global) in relation to creativity and expression.

Vendors who would like to apply are welcome to look at and complete the application form below. Please note that Starbelly Jam is serious about providing a venue that promotes products that are in alignment with our policy of hand crafted, local, organic, upcycled & fair trade products. Providing specific details as to how your business and products engage with this mandate is valuable to us. Starbelly Jam also continues to intentionally strive towards reducing waste at the festival and in our region. Please pay attention to our Zero Waste guidelines in the application.

Any questions concerning the Festival Crafts Vendor area or Starbelly Jam Craft Vendor festival policies can be directed to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Starbelly Jam Craft Vendor Selection Criteria

The goal of Starbelly Jam is to have all Craft Vendors feature work that they – the artisan – design and produce. Until such a time that we are able to offer a selection of vendors to festival goers that exclusively meet this criteria we will accept a minimal amount of vendors that have a more distanced relationship to the products they promote. Our primary selection criteria is the overall originality, aesthetics & quality of the work. Other important considerations are:

  • *Overall variety of vendors and product in Crafts area at the Festival
  • *The inclusion of hand crafted, local, organic, upcycled & fair trade components
  • *The look of your booth
  • *Experience with festivals & events
  • *The professional nature of your application
  • *Previous history with Starbelly Jam

Starbelly Jam reserves the right to assign locations according to needs of the festival, as well as to refuse the application of any vendor for any reason at our sole discretion. Starbelly Jam vendor manager may contact vendors applying to discuss products listed and suggest changes that increase diversity and potential sales at the festival. Vendors are not obliged to accept such suggestions.