Starbelly Jam is known for having a selection of great food vendors with diverse menus that can cover a wide spectrum of dietary needs and wants. With the expanding market of amazing ‘food truck’ businesses we look forward to putting together another incredible selection of tasty offerings for this year’s festival. From carnivore to gluten free vegan we will look to have a delectable option for everyone.

Vendors who would like to apply are welcome to look at and complete the application form below. Please note that Starbelly Jam is serious about providing culinary options that are in alignment with our policy of promoting local, organic and fair trade food options. Providing specific details as to how your business engages with this mandate is valuable to us. Starbelly Jam also continues to intentionally strive towards reducing waste at the festival with particular emphasis on the Food Vendor area. Please pay attention to our Zero Waste guidelines in the application.

Any questions concerning the Festival Food Vendor area or Starbelly Jam Food Vendor festival policies can be directed to

We look forward to hearing from you!


Starbelly Jam Food Vendor Selection Criteria

Our primary basis for the selection of food vendors is the quality of your menu. We have a small Food Vendor Village and will look to not have vendors overlap each other in what they offer. We want vendors to be successful and therefore are looking for a well rounded menu to facilitate sales. It is important to offer enough of a variety to do well, but not too much that makes service slow or complicated. Please indicate if you have Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian or Vegan options on your menu.

Other important considerations are:

  • Overall menu balance of the Festival.

  • The inclusion of local, organic & fair trade ingredients.

  • Technical feasibility and electrical requirements.

  • Experience with festivals and events.

  • The professional nature of your application.

  • The look of your booth.

  • Previous history with Starbelly Jam.

Starbelly Jam reserves the right to assign vendor locations according to needs of the festival, and to refuse the application of any vendor for any reason at our sole discretion.