Stretch and Relax

Melina Cinq-Mars

Camper, groover and staff – get your body ready for the festival!

Melina Cinq-Mars is an active certified yoga teacher since 2004. Her strength is in balancing the best of aspects of yoga: breath, posture, meditation chanting, and relaxation. While playful, she creates a respectful and safe space for all.

Prepare yourself for an amazing weekend! Bring your yoga mat, blanket or towel (a few mats, blocs, belts will be available).

Creating Sacred Space

Yasodhara Ashram
Join Yasodhara Ashram teachers for meditation, sacred dance, and other yogic practices to still the mind through gentle movement and reflection. You can renew and refresh in this calming workshop offered by our yoga retreat and study centre, located just minutes from Crawford Bay.

Endless Pathways: The History & Mystery of the Tarot

Gerald Panio
Gerald has been fascinated by the history, artwork, symbolism, and story-telling potential of Tarot cards since his best friend gave him a 1JJ Swiss Tarot deck when they were in high school. Over the years, Gerald has done some amateur readings, and put together a fine library of decks & reference books.

This workshop will look at the origins of the Tarot, its application to disciplines as diverse as alchemy and Jungian psychoanalysis, the dazzling variety of decks currently available, and suggestions for doing readings for yourself and for others.

Dance for Your Body and Soul – 5 Rhythms Dance

James Wood
Discover the unique energy and ecstasy of your body in motion. The 5 Rhythms, developed by Gabrielle Roth, moves us beyond resistance into openness, playful acceptance, and blissful moments of being. Join us as we journey in motion through each of the 5 Rhythms; flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, experience, or condition.
James is a wonderful facilitator, warm and graceful in his approach. He is dedicated to the dancing path and his passion for it is contagious. James apprenticed with Gabrielle Roth and is an accredited teacher of her work. He has now guided others in conscious dance for 20 years. He lives here in Crawford Bay and continues to offer this practice in the community.


The Art of Belly Dance

Shauna Robertson
Soul Fire Dance was founded by Shauna Robertson in 2004 near Nelson, BC.  Shauna has specialized training with many world famous belly dance, classical oriental and folkloric dancers, as well as with highly praised dancers of various disciplines.  Shauna has a natural teaching style and energy which encourages authentic movement, self-discovery, soulful motion, body confidence and creativity through dance.

Women throughout the ages have drawn on circular and undulating movements to attain spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.  Today, many of these dance styles and traditions have come to be known as “belly dance”.  Shauna will lead you on a journey of swaying hips and fluid arms to lifts, drops and shimmies in Egyptian style belly dance.  Women will deepen their mind and body awareness, understand some women’s traditional dance cultural contexts and how they can be integrated in movement practices today.

Gong Meditation

Theresa Lee
Paiste planetary gongs set the stage for this therapeutic sound healing meditation. Their rich overtones and undertones send waves of vibrations through the air. Unpredictable, without a regular pattern of beats, the mind is unable to track, or hold on to control and has to surrender into this world of sound. Relax and listen to these cosmic tones as they penetrate deeply into the body, releasing blockages and restoring balance. These tones are familiar and promote a sense of coming home, a returning to the cosmic sea, to that place of oneness, when there was no separation. It is from here that deep healing occurs on all levels.



Galumphing 101 (improvisational dance)

Lisa Sars
Ever watch ravens toss through the sky overhead and know they’re messing around purely for the joy of it? Free to tumble, soar, swoop and generally make fools of themselves? Ever want to try it? But in a human way? This is what this workshop is: moving clumsily and joyfully at the same time much like kids.  With a set of warm-ups, dance concepts, and a wonderful palette of music to inspire us, we’re going to mess things up.

Reading a book on improvisation Lisa came across the word galumphing and thought – hey, this is what I do. I galumph around the world in my work (she teaches dance and yoga in the BC school system and community centres), my life and with my kids. Sometimes I’m awkward and sometimes I’m graceful. There is so much pressure to be something, to look a certain way, to be responsible – that it’s easy to forget about improvisational play. And so: Galumphing 101 was born, to share this play with others.  


Hatha Yoga: Where the Science of Life Meets the Poetry of Being

Christina de Pape
Christina de Pape has been a practitioner devoted to the healing arts for 22 years. Christina serves her East Shore community as an RMT and Hatha Yoga Teacher. After 15 years of study with world renowned teachers, Hatha Yoga: Where the Science of Life Meets the Poetry of Being emerged. Christina’s classes balance the precision of alignment with the poetic nuance of movement through breath.

Vocal Training

Ellen McIlwaine
Vocal techniques & yodeling, how to keep from straining your voice,exploring and using your vocal range and your vocal power, (it is in all of us!) breathing exercises & ear training, vocal acrobatics & control, how to care for your voice.

Ellen McIlwaine was born in Tennessee and moved with adoptive missionary parents to Japan when she was only two. Exposed to everything from Japanese Folk and Classical Music, American Rhythm & Blues greats like Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Professor Longhair on Japanese radio, as well as the Grand Ole Opry and European Classical Music on American Armed Forces Radio, while growing up in an International Community of families from India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia, she was playing “World Music” before it was called World Music!

Song Writing

Norman Foote
Experience a captivating and highly engaging songwriter’s workshop with Norman Foote! Explore lyrical content, melody and song genre. Norman encourages students to believe in their own ideas, and the theme is open. 
The workshop is 45 minutes, and students simply need to show up with their imaginations and willingness to participate! Together (with Norman’s improv skills) they will create a finished song, which may be featured in Norman’s public performance.
Norman Foote has written songs for Walt Disney Records, CBC Television, Shari Lewis, Max & Ruby, Toopy & Binoo, National FIlm Board, and ICBC to mention a few.    He has received Parent Choice, NAPPA Gold, SOCAN and in 2010 JUNO Award for Children’s Record of the Year.


African Dance with Live drumming

Beth Campbell 
Beth Campbell has studied West African drumming and dance for over 20 years. This passion led her to travel to Guinea and Senegal where she studied music, dance, and culture for seven months. Beth has taught and performed at many festivals, such as Starbelly, Unity, Shambala, and the Kootenay Spirit Fest as well as elementary schools and after school programs.  For the past 13 years she has been teaching weekly classes off and on in her local area.  She truly enjoys sharing her love of rhythm and is able to work with all levels and create an fun atmosphere to allow students to relax and enjoy themselves.  She is a natural performer and through her experiences with numerous drum and dance collectives she has developed skills as a choreographer and teacher.  

Ukulele Workshop

Saturday 11:30 – 12:30

Workshop Tent

What’s up with the Ukulele? Although it’s been around for a long time, the Ukulele has experienced a immense boom over the past few years, becoming popular with people in many cultures, all around the world. Perhaps it’s because people don’t seem to be intimidated by it? …because it bridges the gap between professionals and amateurs, that it brings out the children within us? …because it’s so portable? For whatever reason, it’s become The Universally Ubiquitous Ukulele. Come and hang out with musician/singer/songwriter Ari Neufeld in the workshop tent on Saturday, and celebrate the enigmatic Ukulele. Ari is a charming, friendly and passionate musician, a great story teller and a pleasure to spend time with. Bring along your own instrument, and some Ukulele stories if you have them. The workshop will include some playing, as well as some discussion about the Ukulele’s history, evolution, it’s current popularity, and will generally generally provide a relaxed opportunity to learn and share.